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Mr. Dutchen's Earth Science Class Notes

Roosevelt High School
2007-2008 School Year

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Earth Science in the News


1 & 2 - Introduction 9 - Weathering and Erosion
3 - Measuring the Earth 10 - Deposition
4 - Earth Motions 11 - Rocks and Minerals
5 - Energy 12 - Dynamic Crust
6 - Insolation 13 - Earth History
7 - Weather and Climate 14 - Landscapes
8 - Ground Water and Climate Regents Review

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Topics 1 & 2 - Introduction (This topic is closed)

Notes: Prologue, 1 and 2 Lab 1: Volume
Lab Safety Lab 2: Mass-Volume-Density
What is Science? Using an Electronic Balance
Observations and Interpretations Scientific Notation
Worksheet: Percent Deviation Exercises: Graphs and Tables
High School Dessert Sales Lab 3: Sun Spot Lab
Exercises: Rounding Lab 4: Rate of Change
Worksheet: Measuring Length Review Notes for Prologue and Topics I & II

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Topic 3 - Measuring the Earth (This topic is closed)

Student Guide to Topic III Warm-up: The Great NY State Race
Notes: Measuring the Earth Notes: Time
Notes: Size of the Earth Ahoy Mateys! Latitude-Longitude-Time
Oblate Spheroid Review Sheet: Topic III Part I
Shape of the Earth Notes: Mapping
Notes: Beneath and Above Use this Data to Construct a Map
Hydrosphere-Lithosphere-Atmosphere Lab 8: (3-3) Mapping a Temperature Field
Lab 5: Layers of the Earth Lab 9: (3-4) Creating a Topographic Map
Atmosphere Cross-Section Plot Notes: Topography
Coordinate Systems Constructing Profiles
Notes: Latitude Notes: Interpreting Maps
Lab 6: Latitude Practice Matching Profiles - Land Features
Notes: Longitude Exercises: Maps
Lab 7: Longitude North Pond Topography

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Topic 4 - Astronomy  (This topic is closed)

Vocabulary: Topic IV Notes: Sun's Motions
Notes: History of Astronomy
Also: Summary Notes
Worksheet: Here Comes The Sun Research Questions
Lab 10: (8-3) Ellipses Lab 14: Here Comes the Sun
Notes: ICU Worksheet: Name That Season
Lab 11: (8-7) Spectral Analysis Notes: Moon's Motions
Notes: The Universe Worksheet: Phases of the Moon
Lab 12: (8-5) The Solar System
Also Download and print (full size to page):
  Color Images1
  Color Images2
  Color Images3
Worksheet: Earth Motions
Notes: Stars Worksheet: It's Just a Phase
Lab 13: (8-8) Classification of Stars (H-R) Notes: Time - and a Lot More
Worksheet: Black Holes Worksheet: Solar and Sidereal Motions
Study Guide for Astronomy Exam Part 1 Study Guide for Astronomy Exam Part 2

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Topic 5- Energy in Earth Processes (This topic is closed)

Vocabulary: Topic V Lab 17: Investigating a Phase Change
PPT: Energy In Earth Processes Lab 18: Investigating Absorption and Radiation
Notes: Study Guide Worksheet: Phase Change Calculations
Lab 15: Investigating Convection    
Lab 16: Investigating Conduction    

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Topic 6- Insolation on the Earth's Surface (This topic is closed)

Vocabulary: Topic VI Lab 19: Investigating Angles of Insolation
PPT: INSOLATION and the Earth's Surface Lab 20: Investigating Duration of Insolation
Notes: Study Guide Lab 21: Investigating Unequal Heating of Land and Water

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Topic 7- Energy Exchanges in the Atmosphere (Weather and Climate) (This topic is closed)

Vocabulary and Guide: Topic VII Part 1
Vocabulary and Guide: Topic VII Part 2
Lab 22: Investigating The Weather
Lab 22: Replacement Worksheet
PPT: Weather Part 1
PPT: Weather Part 2
PPT: Weather Part 3
Class: Station Model Chart
Class: Temperature Conversion Exercises Lab 23: Creating Weather Predictions (Contingency Tables)
Class: BP Conversion Exercises Lab 24: Determining Dew Point, Relative Humidity and Cloud Height

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Topic 8- Ground Water and Climate (This topic is closed)

Vocabulary and Guide: Topic VIII Lab EC: Extra Copies of Water Budget Worksheets
PPT: Ground Water Song: Ground Water

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Topic 9- Weathering and Erosion (This topic is closed)

Worksheet: Weathering - Erosion - Deposition PPT: Erosion - Wind + more
PPT: Weathering Inv 25: Weathering Rates and Surface Area
Vocabulary and Guide: Topic IX Erosion Inv 26: Stream Flow Rates
PPT: Erosion - Gravity Inv 27: Stream Abrasion
PPT: Erosion - Running Water    

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Topic 10- Deposition (This topic is closed)

Vocabulary and Guide: Topic X - Deposition Inv 29: Settling Rates
PPT: Class Discussion - Deposition Inv 30: Density Currents

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Topic 11- Rocks and Minerals

PPT: Class Discussion - Intro to Rocks and Minerals PPT: Class Discussion - Non-Sedimentary Rocks
PPT: Class Discussion - Mineral Properties Inv 34: Igneous Rock Identification
Inv 32: Mineral Identification Inv 35: Metamorphic Rock Identification
Tetrahedron Class Exercise PPT: Class Discussion - Rock Cycle
PPT: Class Discussion - Sedimentary Rocks Rock Cycle Exercise
Inv 33: Sedimentary Rock Identification    

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Topic 12- Dynamic Crust

PPT: Class Discussion - Intro to The Dynamic Crust INV 39: Investigating Continental Drift - Puzzled About Pangaea?
Class Exercise: Practice Seismogram INV 40: Earthquake Patterns - Vertical
PPT: Class Discussion - Earthquakes PPT: Class Discussion - The Big Picture
INV 37: Determining Epicenters Class Notes: Clues to the Big Puzzle
PPT: Class Discussion - Theories of Crustal Change INV 41: Crustal Boundaries
INV 38: Investigating Patterns of Crustal Activity    

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Topic 13- Earth History (Under Construction)

PPT: Class Discussion 1 - Intro to Earth History PPT: Class Discussion 2 - Relative Dating
INV 42: Interpreting Geologic Events PPT: Class Discussion 3 - Radioactive Dating
INV 42BONUS: Interpreting Geologic Events INV 44: Investigating Radioactive Decay
Class Activity - Order of Events PPT: Class Discussion 4 - Geologic Time
Class Activity - Interpreting Geologic History INV 45: Constructing a Geologic Time Line
INV 43: Interpreting Geologic History    

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Topic 14- Landscapes (Under Construction)

INV xx: Landscape Development  

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